I have so many questions

Not enough answers

I seek wisdom not victory

An understanding of suffering

My problems?

Were about survival


My problems are solved

By seeking a solution

How can my problem help you?


I’ve had that problem

I was stumped

Nothing seemed to help

I had to confess

I was defeated

Could not find a solution

Until one day

I stumbled into AA

I was told

Willingness is the key ~

Willingness to learn

Willingness to seek

Willingness to reach

I thought

I am willing

To go anyway and do anything

To stay away from a drink

It is willingness to leads me

Leads me directly to you

My solution ~


Undeserved Mercy


Freedom from my obsession

It see how God has blessed me

Each and every day

How then can I tell you what it is you do to me…

I can’t think

All I can do is feel

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