Sufferin’ Suckatash

Flicker flash

There goes the cash ~

Silly Sally

Did her dash

She sure does

Run and run…

Until the day

She decided to stay

Planting gardens and

Sewing hope

Only to be told


This is no good

Society’s Miser

Mistress Brown

Lead the parade

With Sally on display

Drenched in alcohol

Not for Sally’s thirst

But spewing from their lying lips

Soon they tied her down

Seeking her crown…

Little did they know

That crown

Had a life

All it’s own


After all the scurry and

Crass furry

Sally had her say


Along came

Her crown

Rolling on the ground

It rolled off the curb

Did a sweet ollie

Into the road and

Down an alley

Now her poor crown

Can’t be bought only caught

What was the problem?

That Silly Sally

She could

Never quite understand

So she gave up ~

Threw her cup

Took her crown and

Left that shitty little town

Only to be found


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