Sirens calling

blue lights falling

My mistress


Sweet nothings.

A true siren

One who will

Own you.

Have no fear of Sally dear

She died long ago

Her ghost greets me


Searing a simple reminder

Each and everyday

Sally never goes away

This I know…

My cause?

My blight

Is also


Thank you


She’s only a ghost

My personal warning system

Don’t let revenge

Steal your ears…

Listen my friends

This thing called wisdom

Costs me plenty

Mostly humility…


Simple Sally Sunshine

Coasts her way home

On waves gone bye-bye

Sally Sunshine



By the way…

Every captain needs an XO

Out in the stormiest of seas

A beacon of hope

A Constant

Piercing light

Writing through the night

My plight?

A theologian assaulted me

Friends protect him

Claiming authenticity.

Like a worm waiting

At the bottom of the bottle…

Hallucinations and all

Such a freaking nightmare

Sally says smiling sadly

In another life

My friend…

Sally’s stronger than that

For she knows

We will be together again

Sally and I

We are meant to be

In another life

My dear sweet



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