Chapter 3: Parting ways

“I never want another woman to feel the way I felt at your church.” I shouted.

One final attempt at an amends to a person who doesn’t practice the spiritual principles is like giving pearls to pigs. They walk away staring at the prize, not knowing what worth it has.

Those were my parting words to the man who represents falsehood to the extreme. One who claims authenticity and equality yet pedals crap for a living. A parson for hire. One I trusted but never knew. I trusted what he said on stage, but when faith was tested guess who lost? The quiz maker. Freaking fraud. 

All from Herald’s touch. I think if he had whispered in my ear and not touched me, I could have gotten over it easier. But the combination of his whisper and touch? Sent me ballistic. Still does remembering it. It violates me to my core.

Yet little country Parsons Mitchell and Laird refuse to validate my claim. Instead, they protect themselves. Christian? Nope. Liars for hire.

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