Hey Friend

Only I can validate my trauma

Yes I was tramatized

In that scenario with


I disassociated

I remember the conversation

But it was like I was outside of myself

Watching it

Watching the assault and not being able to stop it, correct it, clarify it, put closure to it.

You took those things Bonnie Nicholas and Herald the Sketcher. Bonnie preventing me from talking to this fraud when I could. Them issuing a no trespassing order against me! They are fucking frauds! Herald’s a pervert. Steve’s a sleazeball. Bonnie’s flat out incompetent. Chris is a coward and Mike is a dangerous moron.

You all should be ashamed of yourselves. I will have to sue you. You won’t admit what you did. You harassed me, kicked me out of my safe space and said prove it. You are cruel. I despise you founders of New England Chapel.

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