Founders of New England Chapel

You conspire to hide sexual harassment.

You know it. I know it. Admit it to me my dear. Tick tock Bonnie and friends. Will you grow up in time?

What you did to me was wrong. It may not affect you, but you crushed me. All to promote an agenda you didn’t even let me know. You truly are twisted.

The following is Based on Gospel truth as well as Nahum 1:2… vengeance is mine be says the Lord

​The Lord is a jealous God, put no other idols before Him, including reputation. Let honesty reign. Conspiring to hide evil is evil. Silence for silence sake is evil. You, church leaders, some not all, promote, cause and grow evil.  Your time has come. Tick tock bonnie boys, the cowardly ones who promote egotistical maniacs. 

Yes, this member of the union is jealous. You two faced weasels, honesty first, always. Get out you manipulative lying dogs.

Your Creator wants answers. You choose to hide rather than be authentic. You choose to test innocence rather than be innocent. You choose falsehood and hypocrisy over authenticity. You make me sick. You who founded that church, lied to my face, ran and hid and promote lies. 

You should be ashamed of yourself. Christian? Where? I only see you, a cold hearted bitch. I beg you get honest with me. I beg I stop obsessing over how much church has wronged me throughout my entire life. You brought it all back. I forgave it once. Then a friend slapped me so hard I can’t get back up. I despise you, founders. I really do. I try not to. But you are cowards. No Christian is a coward.

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