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Advent is an opportunity

A decision point

God simply provides


Free will I say

Destiny in a way

Points in time

Markers if you may
Love leaves a stain

A living mark

Red as blood 

Warm as tears
We all bleed red

Can it be?

This new wound

Is an opportunity?

Really a choice~

A decision point

Not just for me

But for my community?

Are there any wise men


Dreams all around

Many men dreamt

But only

One received

She grew

God’s Holy Presence

Life within

Born in Bethlehem…

Raised in Egypt

Just to return

Blessings all around ~

One hand washes

The other…

God showed us all that…

Why is it

You fight?

Are we not neighbors?

Raised side by side?

Reading the same sacred script?

Do you fight for land?

This bloody rock?

Or Oil?


Remember ~

Resources are not yours

To fight over…

Money and power?


They consume…

Protect the needy

Provide opportunity ~

Trade ideas, gifts and merchandise

This is what true leaders do

One’s who are wise

To raise the flag

Ring the bell

Sound the horn

The Lord knocking

At your door…

Ring, ring

Bonnie boy…

I will shout it freely

From every mountain top

Time to grow up!

Choose wisely my friend

Choose sweet tender honesty

To my face

Scream if you must

Push it out

Burst forth



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