Christians believe in mystery

The Lord works in mysterious ways. All my life church leaders have abused me. I want the world to know only honesty will reign. Bonnie Nicholas you are a cold hearted bitch. You can’t direct a simple mediation, let alone a church.

I pray you actually wake up and stop ignoring me. Admission of guilt. A plea for Mercy. Throw yourself on the mercy of the court Bonnie’s boys. You fools. I’m a softy, little boys are so cute. But a false Mother? You bitch, I want your heart softened.

I’m working on my anger…start trauma treatment tomorrow. Hopefully I see your cold dead heart you money grubbing bean counter. Protecting yourself Bonnie, instead of this poor defenseless woman. Some female leader you are, piss poor. You perpetuate the travesty Bonnie and her marching band of clueless men.

Help me sweet Jesus. I’m a mess. This wound cuts to my core. Deception from trusted friends. Denying my dignity. It infuriates me. Help me to forgive such ignorance… 

Christians who don’t believe in prophecy…they aren’t Christian.

Thanks for the reminder…

Hey Bonnie ~

You’re not Christian

How can you

Direct a church?

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