Spit spat

Tit for tat

Pitter patter

Went the pattern 

   of the splatter…

Baby’s feet and little heads,

Foreskins and hymens…

Crushed until they were

All dead…

Frozen and ignored

We pounded at heaven’s gate

Asking for

God’s saving grace

My Love ~

Sent us help from above

A real story

A treasure trove…

Christ’s message? 

Twisted by men

Mom is furious &

Dad rests his case…

God waits

While I


For your cold dead heart

To beat

One little note

G major maybe?

This is all my fault…

I expect

Too much

This I learned

Long ago ~

Waiting for another

To awaken

Is excruciating

But never without

Its own rewards

I get to know



Like a dove

Sent to teach us

Wisdom and Love~

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