Cleric abuse

November 27, 2018


Pope Francis,

Cardinal Sean O’Malley,

Vivian Soper,

Christian Reformed Church,

Safe Church,

New England Chapel

Chris Mitchell,

Mike Laird,

Bonnie Nicholas

The hierarchy of hypocrisy
Dear Safe Church,

Bonnie Nicholas has ignored my pleas for help since November 7, 2017

I was

Sexually harassed in February 2016

By men representing New England Chapel

2 pastors

Sent a message

‘no one hugs a pastor, not for one minute or one second’

A threat?

To shame me?

Do you know the things I have forgiven?

Your insult was the final strike.

Knocked me back to 4 years old

Raped and molested? yes

Over and over again

Then told

It was my fault



Intruded upon

Tell me…

Is Bonnie wrong to ignore me? Yes

Did Herald the Sketcher and Sleazy Steve harass me? Yes

Did those pastors threaten me? Yes

Did she help? No

Is she competent? No

Does she keep church safe? No

Bonnie’s attitude? Disgusting

Such as this~

Tell me your story, all the juicy tidbits

Tell me more

I want to hear it all

But help?

No, sorry Mary

I can’t help you…

This is the woman you pay!

To teach you and your children!

Fire her!


That would be

A blessing


Bonnie ~

I don’t

Forgive you.

You are incompetent…

And a woman no less.

A survivor who ignores the traumatized.

You are a disgrace Bonnie.

A disgrace to sisterhood.

I will continue to pray for your

Cold calculating heart.


Mary McWilliams

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