Shrapnel leaves us

Wounded on this field

Of love and grace

Debris brings its own casualties

Explosive insults crashed my party

I only imagined

My friends a fantasy…

Fate had you decide

Destiny for you to hide

Wash your hands

It is done

For now I See

A little boy

Not a man

Then again

I am an old woman now

Aged 20 years

In 3

That’s what

Your people did to

My innocence, unknowing

Crushed into despair

Left for dead

Unsupported and rejected

By a pervert and a coward

One of each

Just like at my first

So my friend

Let is be said

Leaders tested

Men violated

Women ignored

Her here and then

Torn in two

Telling her

She only imagined

Herald’s preversion

Delusional they said

But She

Stood strong

Straight on true

Eyes clear as

Her cause

Rise above

She would shout ~

 Bonnie’s boys and your shiny new nickels?

Blood money

Trading storys for tears

Telling me

It is my fear?

Or your selfishness

Let my words

Stand true ~

This is given to you

That others might believe…

My story is

My Glory

Bonnie you need to repent

My love ~

An unjust judge

Runs Safe Church

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