Fortified within

Her walls were invisible

No one’s getting in…

Scary knew this much:

She would rather

Have other’s think her flakey

When really she didn’t want to know anything about you.

She knew you would hurt her

That’s what people do

Hurt each other

That’s all Scary truly knew.

Scary would think


No way!’

Boys came and went

Smitten and sweet

Telling her

You are worthy of

So much more ~

Be mine some asked

No thanks

She would sigh and say ~

There was her first crush Peter

The perfect gentleman…

Walking home together again

Simple first kiss

One moment

Frozen in time.

He made her think

Innocence is beautiful…

Then there was Patrick ~

Always good for a laugh

And oh just so beautiful

He always counted on her, but
Where was she?

Cheering him on when suddenly

No show ~ really? again?

Where was she?

She wouldn’t let you any closer than this morning.

Just when Stereo Frank actually proposed

‘Are you kidding me?’

Scary ran

Angry at having to defend her freedom

‘I don’t want to know me,

Let alone you …

I’d rather read a book or

Dance endlessly ~

Why would I marry?’

Until along came

Legs with brains ~

Wow, wait a second!

He made Scary think ~

`One who is willing to listen and wait’…

Scary was never the same

The man in the denim jacket

Stitched her up by

Stomping his foot!

Cut down and

Bleeding profusely,

He too was on the mend.

His soul just as tender as his feet,

They made a new home together ~

Binding their brokenness.

Healing each other’s wounds.

Fortified they began to grow ~

Into themselves.

Together, but separate


Beautifully bonded.

Such sweet soft memory~

That love reminds me,

Life is fun!

In so many strange ways…


Love life’s maze

Oh so bitter-sweet ~

Scary learned

Sweet from sour

Just by the odor ~

She knew from the start

What love should be

How could this be?

After all, Scary knew things

Too much, and much too young…

She told me one day ~

“Grace showed me

Love is to be honored

Not abused or ignored.”

The things Scary knew,

Wisdom beyond her years ~

With a certain childishness,

Selfish in a way,

Yet always willing to learn and

Help clean up the mess.

I miss Scary sometimes ~

God she was fun…

She trusted other’s too readily.

Died of a broken heart they say…

Too kind if you ask me.

Peter met Patrick at the funeral, and

My oh my

He wore that jacket, so very fine

One last time ~ xo

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