Should I

Should I be

The one who screams the loudest?

Would that tie things together?

Law, theology, medicine, psychology, social

Carl Jung had his case studies

What do you think? 

Case study ~ Eve

Scary Mith vs prophecy

Who would win?

There are so many of me

Scattered about this planet

Case study: woman shunned by society

Modern church bigotry

Hidden agendas

Passive aggressive manipulation

All for being


Church you are so utterly disappointing…

My admission officer asked me

One question that stuck:

Do you ever smell anything that isn’t there?


From time to time

At first I would look around

To see who was there

But then I learned

It must be ~

Company of Angels


I wear no perfume

It gives me a headache

No I don’t see things and 

No I don’t hear voices

Only my lovely memories

To keep me company…

Some good, some bad

All teach me

None of us truly

Knows how to love

At least I don’t…

Not well

A sloppy lover as they say

That’s me

I may be broken but I am not delusional

That church wronged me

For the last time

What church?

The Christian Church

That One

The One

I adore~

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