Drunk tank

Put her in the drunk tank

Labeled again

Behavioral health is where she needs to be

Let’s ignore her pleas

Make her fight for every last scrap


Oh, we never thought of that…

I have!

I’ve been screaming for help!

For two years

But the medical industry known as insurance

Keeps trying to put me in the drunk tank ~

I can teach that class my friend

I have been alcohol free for many years now

What I need is a platform

One that gives voice to


Rape and abuse

Silent no more

I will scream it as loud as I can:

Men run establishment

Women who support

Suffocating others

In silence

And calling it love?

No more!

Love is not silent

Nor does it lie in wait

Love reaches out

You who call yourself



Your day has come

Judgement has arrived

You lucky pricks

It’s me

Defenseless woman

Just imagine

What could have been ~

If only church wasn’t

Run by men

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