One day

There was a day so long ago, it taught me

Men like my story

Yet they never say a word

Somehow I challenged them

I don’t truly understand.

I told my story

And men got mad…

At me!

I don’t understand

How could they?

What I learned?

Men are foreign to me.

Most admire something from afar

Yet never say a word

Why would you not Praise?

I do ~

Men taught me:

Shame on you

Do not show admiration!

People will think

You are a tramp…

This is where 

Men invaded my privacy

They misinterpreted

My passion…

That’s on them

Not me ~

Men command


Yet when you do

They run…

Little Scary Mith

Made all the men

Ran away…

They couldn’t look at what they had done

All they could do was run

The men

Ran and ran and ran

Never coming back

For err~

On their side

Kept them cold inside

Devoid of any spark.

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