Picture this

Late one autumn

Many years ago

I was compelled to confess

To a friend my sin…

In the midst of my openness

He commenced to write it down

Thinking my life so interesting

He thought…

Let me take a picture

For future’s sake..

As this repentant sinner

Sat shocked and repelled

It took me a year to forgive

And I did

Then that same pastor and his wife

Test my faithfulness?

You and your camera

You and I know

You are no priest

I don’t need forgiveness

I only needed a friend

Instead I was handed



I forgave you then

But that last slap

Herald and Bonnie

You are horrible

How do you live with yourself?

While I bleed out ~

You really are cruel

Pastor you are not

Nor are you a friend



Are a

Spiritual predator

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