Oh God


Run as fast as you can

Run from their deception…

I told you that day

I didn’t know why ~

Christ warned me

I would have to forgive you

I didn’t know why ~

I do now

I have to forgive

Your cowardice

I never knew ~

How frightened

You are

Of being discovered

As empty

This is why I feel for you

You are an empty dead shell

No love inside

Only fear

You poor thing

Why do you hide?

I thought 

you knew me ~


But you don’t ~

You don’t know me

At all …

Only now

Maybe you do

My greatest wish

Is for you to know

I loved you so…

All you ever did

Was reject me

Speak about Christ

But when push came to shove

You didn’t even

Recognize me

For this

I weep

I gave you

Every chance

To be honest

An still

They deny

Their falsehood

It makes me




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