Would you?

Wounded warriors

Of a different sort ~

We had to

Beg for

Rotten love…

Crawl through

Shards of bitterness and

Bloodied grass 

Rather than 

Live with

A cold dead heart…

Look over here

Buried lies

As deep and wide

As our hearts would allow
No matter that

I ran hard

 for miles and years

Until finally you

Stopped and

Begged with me~

Have mercy

My Lord

On us all

We know not ~

That was when

He said

So tenderly

Take this cup

Shed the Light…

She stepped forward

Stating sternly:

Be clear,

Have no fear!

My Dear

I am by your side…

Then with a kiss and a sigh

They were gone

I haven’t

Seen them since…

Oh Lord


My heart aches


My Loves
If you only knew…

This world would change

From blood and debate

To true beauty


Weapons would drop

Men would know

No man should kill

But rather

Be loved


Have the land,

My wallet too

But please

Let me keep

My dignity

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