Pastor Prick

Once upon a

Countless endevor

Eye spied with

My third eye

A little weasel screaming

Look at me…

Complete with Gucci scarf

What I saw



Oozing from every pore

Selfish motivation

But worse than that

I saw

Multiple partners

Families torn apart

I saw you Herald

You pervert

I saw your

Dried up

Dead heart

Always looking to score

You may be old

But your heart

Is filthy

Just like Pastor Prick

Only a predator

Not a coward.

I see many things

You Herald

Feed on innocence

You get off

On scaring little girls

Like me

You Jr

Sent Herald

To threaten me

Because you are a coward

No real Christian

Is a coward


Where? Oh where

Could my

Truth stand free?

One place and one place alone…

Naked I stand before Thee ~

All alone

I have nothing to hide

No fear

No worry

Only Wonder ~

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