Dearest Pope Francis

November 12, 2018


Be known as the Pope of transparency

One who broke barriers

Tear down the walls Francis!

Church has abused me

For the last time!

There is no protecting me

So what is it you protect?

My family is spotless as far as you should be concerned.

This is an obstruction of justice!

I spoke with my law office

They are just as twisted as you are

Christians denying their abuse

It makes me insane!

Stand up and shout the truth

Yes Mary

We harmed you!!!

How I yearn to hear those words

From each and every one of my abusers

Most are dead

I will never

Hear justice

Whispered in my ear

I want to shout

I want it written down!

I want to rip your heart out

Make you feel

Love chooses



Yet you still protect


You are killing me

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