Eternal Peace ~

Love causes me

To want

To hope

To reach

To do

The right thing

Just because

It’s the right thing

To do…

Faith ~

My friend is

That simple

Did you get my letter


Heaven sent

It was only a start

There is much more…

Paul was a man of great insight ~

Denied as a murderer

Yet, I, my friend ~

Apostle that I am

Chosen by Christ

Advocated for by Mary

My Love

I have one sin

It lives…

Alcoholism ~

Keeps me humble

Like never before

This is worthy

Beyond compare

Listen to me

My Dearest

Women save

Your sorry ass

Stop making church

An insurance company

An instrument of evil

To allow evil is evil

Give them the boot

My Beloved Bouncer

Let them make it in the real world

See how they measure up…

Get out you lying sacks of ego

Or beg

Beg to be forgiven

Each culprit

Beg your victim




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