Fitting in

I don’t

It’s hard to accept

Being rejected by your own people…

I went to two separate meetings

Both for healing

This wounded warrior.

One was actually based at the church headquarters. They would not speak of faith or Grace.

The second was at a hospital. Dark, abandoned facility in the midst of renovation. A maze of halls and elevators. There honesty and recovery can be found only for the bravest of hearts.

When I questioned the first. No reply. 

How can this be?

A church that refuses to discuss faith? In a healing workshop. It’s bizarre and it won’t help. Unless you look at the wounded, we will never heal. We are your lepers oh king.

Your queen is sick. She denied Christ. Not me denying Christ, you big dummy. It’s you ~ your official workers, deny me. Every request I made: denied. Every request simple: can you help me with this? No…who can? Not a single person? That’s shameful.

So I wait

For the lawyers to sort it out

I have one goal


One that heals

And speaks to Grace

I am


I gave each and every one

A fair and honest chance

Church failed

Every single simple request

For this I weep…

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