October 17, 2018

Jr your church did exactly what the Catholic Church does. You Jr did that both personally and professionally. You are that church.  Your church doesn’t even acknowledge it’s wrongdoing. Like sexual harassment, invasion of privacy…maybe even denying your human dignity. Your  church doesn’t even do the bare minimum. You didn’t even acknowledge my suffering, the aftermath of your message. I hug pastors. Am I a tease? You are a false preacher to the core. You don’t even know it. Or do you? Hmmmmm you’re that guy Jr and Robin and Bonnie and every other Reformed Church leader. Forgive and forget. Well I can do that, but I’m here to set the record straight.

To top it off I called you friend. Friends hug, but your ego is so unbelievably enormous you worry about gossip thereby causing my bipolar break. I may be predisposed, but you were the final slap.

I’m screaming until all of you admit your wrongdoing. Weasels.


October 29

Mental anguish and suffering from age 4. All for having faith, hope and love. Church. Ahhhhhhhhhh


With my last breath I will say: church matters and hypocrites screwed everything up. Who? People who convert. They prevert the message. The message is to draw people toward Christ, never force them. Even my supposed friends forgot that. They made it about rules. In the end, rules broke me into a thousand pieces. Rules and Christ? Challenge complete. Up yours rulers.

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