Church matters

Based on Jeremiah 29
Non-believers run your church!!

NEC did not respond to my letters or emails. The controlling factions only focus on the superficial. You are mislead by your elders. They take your money and pay themselves.

As they should IF THEY ACTUALLY DID GOD’S WORK!!! But they don’t, they say they do but in their hearts it is only for show. It is for the title and recognition that they perform. Their hearts are hardened and superficial. Elders? No they have none. Therefore, no descendants.

Here’s what they continue to do: use my notes yet never address me. They are false in every meaningful way.

I refuse to allow another church to ignore their falsehood. See you in court. You are no church or chapel, you are led by manipulation and non-believers. They rejected the Lord’s servant. Why? Because I named myself for who I am and it terrified them. They are non-believers to the extreme. Why? they have convinced themselves and the congregation that what they do is Christian. It is not. It is showboating.

No elders, no leaders, no church just showboating and babysitting. Stephen ministry leaders failed every quiz, not my quizzes, God’s. I only assess the situation.

I don’t test people. I only go about my day and respond to situations. The Lord presented this situation to show me the depths of your hypocrisy: sexual harassment. You see, in the secular world women are sexually harassed constantly. Its irritating but not a big deal. The problem, for me, is when you mix theology with equality and get turned on by scaring me. You crossed a line. See you in court Herald you freaking fraud.

You failed in every ministry and every department except one and that is why I can forgive you. You are good to the children. The people only harm wounded adults. So that is why I can forgive you. Other than the most basic needs, babysitting, they failed in every other department.

The sad part is that makes them better than other Churches. That’s pitiful, but true.

Your controlling board are non-believers stop paying them!

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