Thank you David ~

Dearest Pastor Herald,

No, I don’t greet you…

Did you ever notice Jesus never once greeted his oppressors…

You are a liar and a fraud. You are a coward and a perverted sick twisted scumbag. Yes I pray for you.

God is God is God…

This is what I tried to tell you. Instead, you thought it more important to tell me not to hug others. You brought back every wound I ever endured. Do you know the things I have forgiven? Yet you judge me?

You are no pastor, no elder, no church. Even your name is false. Safe Church. There is no such thing. The director of Safe Church proved that to this trusting wounded dove.

You should be ashamed of yourself. I pray you admit your wrongdoing to me. Who would help who? Me. It would help me.

Yes I am selfish, but I want the world to know: church has denied me for the last time. You denied sexual abuse for the last time.

You abused me with your sexual innuendo. You abused me with your message. You abused me when you took my hand and whispered in my ear. ‘No one hugs a pastor. Not for one second or one minute.’ like a slap so hard it knocked me back to being 5 again. Five years old and nowhere to go but home. Thank you Lord for my beautiful home.

Herald and Bonnie you are both a liar and a fraud. Why? You fell asleep on the job. You denied the Christ I am for the last time safe Church.

Have a good day ~


LORD God of our ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, keep such devotion for ever strong in your people’s hearts and keep them always faithful to you.

1 Chronicles 29:18 GNBDK

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