That day…

I remember
So many things~
The beauty of
Free will…
I get to choose
What to view

I hold the remote~

I choose
To remember
Fire flies and marshmallows,
Shooting stars,
Air raids alongside
Sand so powder fine…

Crystal clear
Teal water
Sunken pirate ships and
Soggy bread

Cranberry juice until
I burst with
Midnight runs to assist

I remember all the silly things we did
Like making those impossible deadlines~
But most of all
I remember
That day…

The day we first met~
So strange
How different
We both are~
Yet still at heart
We’ve known
Each other
For an

I miss you sometimes
But I choose
To never

My love ~

Thanks for being here
When I needed you most
You are


What I choose
To view

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