Scary is missed

Scary was a little lamb ~

Who was sure to jump and play.

Never once did I hear her say,

She did not want to stay…


She learned at an early age

Survival is perspective,

She would run and explore

So very happily ~

Until one day…

Bullies dared her to scream ~

How can you claim anything?

They think you are a trouble maker…

Later Scary learned~
How dare her accuse?

A teacher of all things…

After school with her!

She has disobeyed

A rebel

Shouting like that…


If I can’t shout here
Scary screamed
I can’t shout anywhere!


Scary was a little lamb ~

Who always had to shout.

Never was she quiet about things,

Like her own dignity…


Since 10…

She always had something to say ~

She died shouting…

And trying to


She said to me ..

I had my day

In the sun

Good luck


This lamb is done ~


Scary was a little lamb

Who doesn’t come around anymore

I miss her

Some days ~


Strange that they
Seem to be
Tied to
2 shiny nickels…

Heads or tails?

It’s both
It’s God
She said ~


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