In my humble opinion,

Dear Wall Street Journal Editorial board,

I agree!

This process has been circus. A disgrace for those in charge.  Who would even want the job? Christ Himself probably couldn’t pass these political games. That’s my opinion.

Dr. Ford I’m glad you were finally heard. I’m sorry certain people decided you were a card to be played. It minimizes your plight.

Yes, Senator Hatch, your reputation should speak to maturity. Seems like a life dedicated to service and knowledge counts for something. You are correct, immaturity does not equal criminality.

Senator Fienstein how could you? Discretion requires wisdom. Wisdom knows when you should have mentioned the allegations. Your inability to act ethically impacted an entire nation.  A disgrace indeed.

I for one was grateful to see Judge Kavanaugh show passion for his cause. I think the nation is as outraged as you. I know I am. Outraged and disappointed. Politics. Good luck…

The question remains, why was this not mentioned in the closed door hearings?
Lack of wisdom.

“Judge Kavanaugh was right to call the confirmation process a ‘disgrace’ in his passionate self-defense,” The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s “allegation should have been vetted privately, in confidence, as she said she would have preferred. Instead ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein held it for six weeks and it was leaked—perhaps to cause precisely such a hearing circus.” – Wall Street journal editorial board

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