I wonder ~


Did you ever wonder…

What ever happened to
All that carpentry?

Maybe it burned
In a blaze
Of Roman

I tend to think
It sailed away…
Repairing hulls
He did that
So very well

I wonder…
He probably wideled
Like no other

I tend to think
He was a
Practical Artist
From start to finish ~

Just Divine

It makes me grateful
To think of all
The blessing the
Lord as given me…

My name may be buried
In the pages of a book
But my impression?
Simply beautiful ~

…at least
I hope so

I wonder
What would you say?

Would you say I’m cruel?
I don’t know
You deny me my chance…
No trespassing
They said…


…to me?

Absolute lunacy
Wickedness from
Start to finish

So I stay away…

I wonder ~

What made you
Protect yourself?
Why are you afraid?
What do you fear?
Holy crap
You are worse off
Than I ever imagined…

Good luck and God bless ~
I wonder
So many things
Mainly I wonder

When will truth arrive?
I’ve been waiting for so long
I’m old and worn out
Tired of waiting this long

This truth I know~
I don’t care what you believe
I just know
I believe ~

May your Truth
Be your shield ~
May your prize
Be your tenderness ~
May your heart sing
When you
Live honestly ~


May you always
Leave hope behind…

Planting seeds of hope
Aren’t they beautiful?

Simply Divine ~
You paint me a picture
With your

I wonder~
Do you think the same?
I hope so…

Namaste friend πŸ™ πŸ€—πŸ˜˜
God bless
Have a great day
And as always ~
Peace be with you

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