Yes ~

Don’t you see?

My faith
Is an
Affirmation of
Yours ~


Not to
But to

There is
Only One

We are

Think of
Not our

I ask you this?

Do we not all
Bleed red?

How can I possibly be
Better than you?
Once people
See that
There’s no going back

This thing called
What is it?

To love through life’s bitterness
To not allow the world to drag your Spirit down
To rely on the resources God provides
And to know
No matter what
God’s got this
I just have to
Do my part

This is holy
To honor and cherish

What is sacredness?
That which God has given you ~
Your talents
Gifts some say
Grace I prefer…

Use it for Good
Not for self-gain
But for betterment

Sow my seeds
Of hope for all to read

This thing called Grace
It is real
You know it when it hits you
Like a fence
Grace finds you
And corners you

You demise is your prize
Do not worry
Do the right thing
You’ll be okay

When you mess up
Admit it
Make amends
And move on

I tried reaching out
Turning my cheek

So I’m casting

Sailing away as they say
I had my say
Now I know
How you choose

I gave that up
A long long time ago

I thought you were
A friend
Was I wrong

That’s ok
Maybe someday
You can change
My mind…

My heart
Yes it burns
For you?
For what
You can’t give me

I don’t want
A cold dead heart
That’s all you
Offer me

This is why
I weep

What happened to
Compassion and empathy?

I pray
We all
Be given
The strength
To be honest
Tell the truth

I have counsel for you ~
Ask the right question
Not when or where but
What Happened
Did your life fall apart?
That’s the gauge
Have you sought
Medical help?
Spiritual guidance?
Healing practices?

You don’t need DNA kits or FBI
To uncover how a survivor
Rises from the ashes…

Somebody doesn’t remember
What does that say…
Nobody remembers?
That means the incident
Impacted one person…

Traumatized person ~ how were you impacted? Would you like to make a statement?

Men who abuse power and
Women ~
You who are oppressed by authority
Submissive to oppression
Ignore oppression
Or are destroyed by
A system established for men by men

Maybe all those moral men should take a stand
And ask
The real question…

Maybe Brett should write a letter. Asking the real questions. What did I do? I don’t remember. I pray I didn’t harm you. Tell me how did my actions harm you?

Maybe Brett that should be your statement. True humility. Take a chance. What do you have to loose? Ask the right questions. But remember, you have to be prepared to answer too. Good luck, God bless us all.

Ms. Ford I pray God gives you the courage you need to say what you need to say. I pray you be honest and true. I pray you are heard. Take these questions. May they bring you peace. If anyone should ask you, tell them an angel sent them along. She asks all the right questions.

Tell me
How did your encounter with the accused affect your life? Was it positive? Did he help you? What could he have done differently? Is there any way he can make it right?

This taxpayer needs to know. Needs to hear from you. Be completely honest. Don’t be used as a pawn, this is your chance to be heard. I pray the truth is revealed. I pray all involved experience the healing they need to live happy healthy lives.

I’m sorry you’re in the spotlight. It’s shameful how people treat credibility. The same thing happened to me.

One person too many questioned  my credentials. Something one day snapped  and I said enough! Haven’t been the same since. All the shit I thought I overcame, came bubbling up.

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