The Practical Artist~

There is something completely
To create

I tinker
With my

When i stumble upon
Exactly what
I’m looking for?
Step back

Isn’t it magnificent?


Not this…

The fact that

I can do anything ~
Because I get to choose
I am free
God has
Truly blessed me

I may be blind
To your plots
But I know this…

I can do
I choose

I choose
Beauty ~
I’ve seen enough pain
For one lifetime

So give me
Babies and hugs
I’m done suffering

Crack babies are no chore…
I can hold them all day long
That’s my next adventure
I have lots to learn
But I can always
Hold a baby and change a diaper ~
So here I come 🙂

See you around
Said the ~
Practical Artist

Isn’t life stunning?
Especially when love flows forth ~
Let my words
Bare my soul…

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