That’s it…

I had my say
I published my
For all
To see

If you have
Something to say
Say it

I assume
Don’t care ~

It’s my assumption
It’s all I’ve
Ever known…

That’s why
I always make sure ~
To say something
I told my story
Wrote my heart out for us
I learned a lot ~
Mostly I learned,
I don’t want to be

It is real
I am your
Living breathing
Forgiveness is a beginning
Reconciliation is gut wrenching honesty ~

Want to hear
The beauty of it all?

Wichita ~
Something about that place
The Holy Spirit
Is strong ~

Baptized us all…

You don’t remember me
I met you long ago ~
Road trip with Mom
Stopped by her old digs
Her favorite restaurant
Among other haunts

She saw an old friend
Some Franciscan
I don’t know,
What I do remember…

How freaking happy
She was ~
She glowed that night
She loved Wichita
She cried and cried
And said ~
She wished she had stayed
I get it
I said
Life is more innocent
You can actually
Feel it
In a way
I know
I could
That day

I hope you know
You kept my heart
That my friend
Is your beautiful gift ~
In the end Richard
It is you who
Protected me ~
From bitterness

I don’t know if I should be
Happy or sad ~
You have great things ahead of you
My friend

Just think~
Timing is

I’m so glad
I met you that weekend…
At Trinity ’17 ~

I still hug
I’m just  selective now
Very very selective…
It’s  kind of sad

I got your autograph
A picture book
Just for me
Wrapping paper and all…
You climbed the spire ~
Just for me šŸ™‚

Feel better my friend
I hope you know
Pain only exists here ~

Tell Frank
To kick some ass
Please and
Thank you

God bless

Until we meet again ~
Feel better soon

Much love and respect

Your adoring fan,
That crazy old church lady,

Mary McWilliams


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