My Marching Orders

From the beginning
My Marching Orders
From the Lord above:

Expose the level
Of their hypocrisy…
And forgive them
For it ~

Tell me Jr
Was it worth
All your
Shiny new nickels?

We are not friends
You proved that to me

Protect your title
Over a simple apology
To little old me…

It was never
About the money


It was only

It’s all I ever wanted
One honest

Who made who
The whore?

Herald the Sketcher
A founding father
A scumbag
Who gets off
Scaring vulnerable women

You make me skin crawl
You freaking perv

Know this…
Today i
Herald the Sketcher

The scumbag
In the
Gucci scarf ~
He’s the one

Tell me Jr
Have you seen
What you did
To me?

You took something
Shattered my confidence
By shaming me

…tell me
Do you hug pastors?
I don’t anymore

Frank if that was you
You should have said
So I think
You sent an
To let me know
Here I am
Right beside you
We can change this

I’m a dreamer
But it’s all I’ve got left
Faith in Restoration
By Grace

In my heart I forgive you all
I just think
You need to know:
You pay the elders
To cover up a lie


You should hire me
To kick ass
But I am
So freaking pissed
I can’t even
See a Jeep
Without reacting

If that’s what raised you
I see why you drank
It almost made me
Drink too

I am so grateful
I don’t have to drink
Over it

God was Gracious
To me…
He removed that obsession
The only one
That keeps me
To this thing
Called Hope

Things are coming together
It’s only a matter of time
I need to be done yelling

I still pissed


I will never
Lie to you…

I can always forgive
It’s lying I can’t
Live with…

It’s like torture ~

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