Dear Garden City ~

My oh my
It’s been a long time…

We met years ago
I studied you
Both in theory
And application


The ideal is so beautiful
One thing ~
Did you know
People now
Own air rights?

It seems silly
But truth be told
It prevents

Can you believe it?
People are willing to
Fight to the death
For their own little space…

Since the beginning of time
Man needs both
Solitude and society…

We have compartmentalized ourselves to the point of owning rights over the future.

But there is a little tiny corner I helped build. It’s a place to celebrate. We took down a worn out roadway, built something new. Now we have a Greenway instead of highway. A place to gather, rest, celebrate, enjoy each other and our beautiful city. I’m so glad I studied about you. You inspired me, long long ago.

Art comes in so many forms. The greatest art, to me, is application. What is an engineer but the practical artist? That’s me~ the practical artist…if there is such a thing.


So if it’s inspiration you seek, I’m right here. Never stop exploring, it’s what we humans do best.

Namaste 🙏😘🤗
Have a great day
Peace be with you ~

It’s nice to meet you ~

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