Breathless ~


How can one describe



A complete overhaul…

It’s like being

Turned inside out

Depending on

What you seek…


For me

It’s to view

My world




I take what life hands me


Hold it in front of me

View it from any angle

Only I’m missing yours ~


So I deconstruct

What I’ve been given ~

Refurbished if you will


When I take

My teeny tiny part

It seems insignificant ~


But when I step back

Or fall down ~

I See

Everything comes together


My problem is


These patterns

Take time

And integral care

When I step back

And view

It always leaves me

Breathless ~

Stunning in it’s raw emotion

It’s not for the light hearted

Or the prudish

Life is real

And until religion reflects that

It will be inadequate ~


So I can claim my tiny corner

Let it be said

That little old church lady

She may be crazy

But at least

She’s not dead ~

Man she can

Cut a rug…

Until then

Namaste friend 🙏🤗😘


Go in peace ~



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