Not interested…

Is that selfish?
I have no interest
In learning ~
The logistics of

My sole purpose
Is to write…

Take my words
Only if they
Ring true ~
Are they meant for you

If you hold
My key
You know
This is
More than
I bargained for ~

I may seem lost but
I have a message to deliver…
So I post ~
It’s not up to me if you believe…

I really
Don’t care
How these words get to you
As long as
They do

Let these words
Stand the test of time…

They may not rythm
They may be misspelled
But do they
Resonate with you?

Tell me
If you knew
What I have been through
Would you judge me too?

That’s what the world does
Tells me
I’m not good enough
Not blatantly
Oh so subtly

No response
Is response
You tell me you don’t care

You don’t care
You broke my fragile mind
First you broke my body
Then you broke my mind

I struggle with that everyday
A bitter pill
I have to swallow

Just let it go
The world tells me
So I do ~
Only to be told
That’s not good enough

It makes me scream!
So I write…


I’m not interested in
The logistics…

Only the beauty ~

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