Dear United Nations ~

I have a message for you. From the Lord above…

Consider a territory built on a landfill. A project supported, funded and regulated by the brotherhood of mankind.

Build a nation founded on saving this planet. One based in technology, knowledge , understanding and tolerance. Just imagine the legacy. Amazing it would be.

I wrote this for you~

Imagine a neutral nation

An area for refuges from every nation

A safe place for the helpless to regain strength

Not a homeless shelter

But a village

With doctors and churches
Workers and homes

To place to provide

Medical and spiritual support

Not a building…
Or camp

Called the UN

But an actual territory…

One not owned
Or occupied
A nation

Desperate for peace

One willing to help

Restore the homeless.

Build a neutral nation~

One not found before

Wouldn’t that be beautiful?

A landfill in the ocean…

Sound familiar?

A true Utopia

One free from ego

One with a love for all mankind

A nation built on trash!
The greed almost killed us
Technology saved us!

Wouldn’t that be something?

Just imagine…

An addition. Not instead of the UNs current work, but rather as a result of. United Nations educate the village engineers from impoverished regions. These citizens build a new nation based in technology and freedom. School to work project with peace as the product. Literally, build a new nation. Atlantis? Imagine ~

Peace be with you and your loved ones.

Mary C. McWilliams

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