Dancing in time ~



Together we

Intertwine ~

These threads of mine

Ribbons of life ~

Stretch and grow

Over time…

Growing pains

My mother said:

This material gets difficult to work with

The threads are worn fine

But my needle is sharp

And my hands are wise

I see options and I glide…

When I stitch in time

With the rhythm of life

There is a simplicity

In viewing

Imprints of mine…

Both messy and neat ~

These threads are what

I have to work with ~

Some are delicate

They have a certain


Others bind


Resilience ~

When they break,

Which they

Always seem to do ~

I need mending…

When life presents


I pause and remember

To thread…

It’s called

Another day,

Another chance

To display ~

These heart strings of mine ~

No matter how worn,

They are always pulled

Some break

Over time ~

I am blessed

For today

I have

A tender heart ~

May you find

Strength and resilience

In your stitches ~

May your scars

Provide courage

To remember

You’re still alive ~

May today

Bring you the


Tapestry ~

Namaste friend 🙏🤗 😘

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