White privilege…

I’ve always been
Aware of my white privilege
A middle class white American housewife with
2 kids and a yard…

The thing is
My parents
Raised me
To not be color blind

To never turn a blind eye to
Those discriminated against

That’s the beauty of cross generational

I’ve been the only
White girl
In a sea of color

I’ve been the only woman
In a sea of men

I’ve been the only drunk
In a sea of sobriety

I’ve been the only sober lady
In a sea of drunkenness

I’ve been sanity and
I’ve been disgrace

After everything
I can say
My story
Is amazing

That’s my privilege
I have the opportunity
To choose

Most don’t
Most can’t choose
It a matter of daily survival

So when in doubt
I tend to side
With the minorities
I am woman
I am survivor
I am mother
I am wife
I am sister
I am friend

I bow to you
Strength &
Those who choose
To rise above
And those who
Have no way out
The American minorities
The real dream

I’m a white girl
From both sides
Of the tracks
Got my ass kicked plenty
Just for being white
Then there was the hair
Look out girls
Chunks ripped out at a time
How dare I
Be born
So when we speak of hatred
I’ve seen it to…
What it shows me
Is how angry you are
I don’t blame you
That’s the thing
I’m angry too
White establishment

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