Dear New England Chapel, choose wisely…

The Church
Gone astray
Little New England Chapel
Doesn’t want to admit
A little old lady
Took down
Their hypocrites…

Tell me congregation ~
Do you want to pay
These people
To represent you
To the outside world?

That’s where your money goes ~
To women like Bonnie Nicholas
Men like Herald the Sketcher
Elders like Robin Cowper
Those who ignored
My dignity

All because
I committed the crime
The unthinkable
I hug pastors
Shame on Her

Is that really

I challenge your authority
Your authenticity
Your honor
Your honesty

You failed
New England Chapel

All you needed to do was
Say something

Instead you all
Turned a blind eye
To my plight

These are your community leaders!
What does that say about the community?

Help me
Vote Bonnie Nicholas and Robin Cowper out of office.

Wouldn’t that be

Thank You

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