Church should never be self protection…

Thank you for your prayers Bonnie. Truthfulness would have been nice. You could have taken an afternoon to set up a negotiation. Instead, you waited how many months to tell me to do it myself. 

You are a horrible pastor for wounded women. You protected yourself and your ministry. You used my story as the example. 

I pray you get honest Bonnie, and step down! You made church into an insurance company…for who? For yourselves. You stink.

And yes I will publish this.


Mary McWilliams

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On Sep 9, 2018 11:52 PM, Bonnie Nicholas wrote:

Hi Mary,

I will only repeat what I’ve said before. You misunderstand my role, which is limited in many ways in my current position, and which is not an advocate. I am sorry that I am unable to give you what you wanted. My prayer is that you will find what you need for your soul’s healing, and until then, that the Lord would draw you close and sustain you with his love that never fails.


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