Open letter to Safe Church …

September 7, 2018

To Safe Church
Lansing, MI

May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ Reign in your heart.

I am writing this letter to openly declare Bonnie Nickolas falsehood. Bonnie informed me she would help resolve pastoral issues at New England Chapel. Only Bonnie did not advocate for justice. Bonnie advocated for herself and more advocates. Never once did she do as I requested.

She refused to set up a meeting between myself, the elders, a leader and a  representative of the men’s  minstry.  She unjustly ignored my desperate pleas for help. She is no Safe Church, she represents an insurance company who protects her own empire.

Tell me Bonnie, was it worth all your shiny new nickles? Did your insurance give you lots of money to train more advocates? You train advocates? Advocates for what? Yourself!

I would like to propose Bonnie step down. Bonnie you are limited in your understanding of healing and grace. You should not be a director of any Church.

I nominate myself as your judge. You failed Bonnie. I forgive your inability to recognize my sincerity. However, you let harassment win. You lead hypocrisy, you tell me to file a civil suite.

You Bonnie, are no Christian. Step down and grow up. You damaged a severely damaged person and your church continues to damage me by ignoring my plight.

You are a fraud Safe Church and New England Chapel you should be ashamed of yourselves.

I pray you grow up sometime soon. You are crushing my spirit. I despise you for ignoring me.

By the way, my husband could care less about your opinion. A strong advocate? God is my advocate, I don’t need a lawyer or my husband to represent me. You sexist female.

Mary and Dan McWilliams
Franklin, MA

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