Fragmented views…

When I look
Back on things
I learn
Mostly by
My mistakes…

What went wrong?
I know
Stole the show…

I assumed too much
I assumed you had faith
In me…

But you don’t know me

You never took any time
To simply

I’m done assuming
You have faith

Show me New England Chapel
Do you actually know
What it means to be a

To offer an amends
That is Christian

Instead I was told
To file a civil suite…

Christians you are
So disappointing
I don’t even know
Where to start…

So I start here
At home…

What went wrong?
I assumed New England Chapel
Had a greater faith

Instead ~
The elders at New England Chapel
Made it about alcoholism and sexuality
Not abuse of authority
It makes me scream!


Protestant leaders and elders
Point the finger
At Catholics
Yet refuse to
Take responsibility for
Their cruelty
To me!

Then there
Is the question

Tell me Bonnie
How are all your
Shiny new nickles?

I want the world to know:
If you call yourself Reformed
You had better be so!
Let me know
When you are…

Or as one ego driven founder says:
Swing back around…

Until then
May God bless you and your loved ones…

Kiss the kids for me…

Mary McWilliams
Survivor extraordinaire~

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