Dearest community…

Can you help me?

Here’s the deal. I am not a nun or a priest or a preacher. I am a nightmare. I am reform itself. I’m knocking on the door. Screaming and pounding. No one is home. The NEC elders all hid under the blanket coverage.

I weep for your stupidity. You have no clue what I have endured. Yet you never took any time to meet me, to actually ask: are you okay? Not one member of that supposed community, has ever said anything kind to me. Not an ‘ I understand’, not a ‘you messed up’, not an ‘it’s ok’ nothing. Not a word. Except for my friends. The outcasts too.

It proves to me you don’t care and you never did. New England Chapel you are horrible community leaders. You harmed me.

I want Robin Cowper fired. I will take her place if you would have me. I am your worst nightmare and your saving Grace.

I mirror your sin. You are my worst nightmare and my saving Grace.

Reciprical faith…you elders are morons. And somebody pays these people to be elders! Shame on you all for paying them to harm me!

Bonnie Nicholas and Robin Cowper are responsible for ignoring my requests. They are no Mothers. Get out before I loose my mind. You frauds. Elders you are not!

I want you to admit your sin to me and apologize personally. Just as I hand delivered myself to you, you can do the same. Are you afraid Robin? Hmmmm

Yet you want all the juicy details, only to protect yourself. You are a fraud. Do I challenge you? Good. Then I’m doing my job.

How are my Bible notes? Very revealing. Are they helping? I hope so. Now pay me what you think fair. I will trust you to be Christian and pay me for my help in waking you the fuck up!

Oh! Dah!

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