Open Letter to New England Chapel…

Greetings Jr
May the peace of Christ live in your hearts. I have written several times, yet no one in your organization thinks it important to reply. After years of trying to be heard, I’m done.

You are children, not church. I see that so clearly now. Even in the midst of your denial, I See your pain.

I never accused the Pastors at NEC of physical harm in anyway. As a matter of fact I apologized for any confusion I caused. Yet to this day, the leaders, elders and founders made it about sexuality, not abuse of power.

Your sexual harassment is the epitome of abuse of authority. Protecting Herald the Sketcher, abuse of authority. Telling me not to hug a pastor, shaming me: abuse of authority.

This I am grateful for: Pastor Chris Mitchell carried my complaint forward. He had a voice when I couldn’t be heard. He notified his proper channels. He did not break protocol or harm me physically in any way.

Chris, you suck as a friend and pastor. But you didn’t break any rules.

Thank you for bringing my complaint forward to your authorities. The beauty of not having one is I am free to express myself. But you Chris Mitchell have authority. No one will listen to me. You did. Thank you for listening. For that Chris, I will always be grateful. You were the only one who believed me. That’s just sad isn’t it?

When will church people learn?
I can’t call you friend elders, you are cruel. I hope your church doesn’t harm another damaged soul. Safe Church ignored me. That and NEC judging me…You all really did harm me in so many ways. Yet you all had to make me the temptation, not yourselves.

You missed the message altogether. Why? You all made it about church and not Christ. In your silence you proved to me, title is more important than friendship.

Robin Cowper: you are no elder. You harmed me by denying my dignity.

Cindi Mitchell~

I never meant to hurt you, but you are a founding leader. You are accountable for ignoring my plight. I asked you for help and you denied me.
I protected the wrong thing. To be that protected in life is a blessing. And I hurt you. I truly am sorry for what confusion I caused you and your family.

In the end~ Herald the Sketcher, whoever you are, you are a pervert, a coward and a fraud.

I hope the congregation reads all my posts.
Mark Pitts, you are so arrogant it’s ridiculous
Mike you are shitty preacher
Chris your were a shitty pastor
Cliff … Dude, I don’t even want to know

Remember this: if you get up on that stage, you work for that church. Why? You represent the church. Period.

I nominate Chris and Lisa Beauwodin (Big Chris B and Lisa the Cutie) to clean house and elect new elders. Robin Cowper needs to step down, she is no elder.

I hope you reform your elders Chris and Cindi. Good luck, they are really sick.

Until then I pray for your enlightenment. May God bless you and your loved ones.

Mary and Dan McWilliams


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