Peace be with you…

When you pray
For peace
Do you pray
For me?

I do~

This thing called
It goes both ways

The peace I seek
I give to you
By trusting you

Some call that
Good faith
A peace offering

But what is peace?
To give to others
That which you seek…

Do you seek fame?
Give it away
Do you seek power?
Give it away
Do you seek fortune?
Give it away
Do you seek Truth?
Give it away
Do you seek forgiveness?
Give it away
Only that created in love
Will come back
10 fold

Do I know I’m forgiven?
Of course
I do

But the question remains…
Do you Jr?
Do you want to grant me peace?
Then man up
And confess
What is it you need forgiveness for?
Tell me Jr
I’m begging you
I know
But do you?

It’s not childish
Or sexual temptation
Tell me Jr
What did you do
That was so wrong?
I know
But do you?

Tick tock
My love
Tick tock

Harassment is not temptation
But what?

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