My parents…


I’ve decided to

Try to convey

My parents faith~

If that is what you question…

Why didn’t you ask?

My parents were wonderful…

They were broken and defeated

Life has a way

Of humbling us

Love makes us decide

What am I willing to give

For this love of mine?

Would you give everything?

Can you accept injustice?

Do you stand for honor?

Do you know

The next right thing?

Then my friends

You are on the way

The very last thing

You need…


You must


Every injustice

Committed against you


It will ask


Of you

What do you hold dear?

Let it go

If it returns

You have done


My parents taught me that

Showed me everyday

They were alive…

I thank God everyday

That He blessed me

With parents

Like that!


To the


I love you

Mom and Dad

Thank You for

Watching over us

I miss you

See you soon~

Your biggest fan


I adore you two

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