Trust me…

September 2, 2018

Where I’m at in my journey…

By the grace of God and

The program of Alcoholics Annonomous

I have not found it necessary to take a drink since March 4th, 2009…
It will be 3 years since I told the tiniest little bit of my story to the world…
Since that time I have been tested on every front spiritually.
Whatever you want to call it
It is always a choice,

When it comes to pain

Gut wrenching anger
Or simply living in this moment
Right here
Right now…

It gets overwhelming…
I used to have a place to go
A group I called home
But it was taken from me

My old church
Did that to me
They took my safe place
By not doing the simplest thing…

Just asking me
But they choose
To play
Insurance company
Over Christianity
Real church?
Hey friend can you help?
Who is Herald the Sketcher?
Right…you don’t know
Got it
Thanks there
You fraud
Men’s ministry you stink
Oozing ego from all sides…

Then there are the brilliant
Their stupid prayer
Is tearing me in two…
Justice for you?
You hire me

You boys better
Make an offer
I read your selfish prayer
Make me an offer
I can’t refuse~
Grumpy editorals by Scary Mith…my baiden lame 🙂

Then there’s
This is the most essential
Of justices~
One denied
On every front

What is justice?
You asking me for help
There that is justice
Beg Jr
Beg for justice
That would be
One catch…
To you know who?
In writing
In my mailbox
Someday soon

Protestants intruded
Catholics tested
Men violated
Women supported
Government ignored
Insurance company frauds
Who am I?

Hypocrisy to the core
This my friends
Is my life story
Without a drink

It gave me
My bipolar break
Hand delivered
By my friends
Broken shattered

I went into my archdiocese
To tell them everything
Guess what?

They asked

What that had to do with them

So we talked about it…

I wait
It is so

A 52 year old woman
Still waiting for the older
Boys to grow up

Your words are killing me boys
Make me an offer
I can’t refuse
One that says
I was
I did
Wrong you
I ignored your plight…

That would be justice
On every front
In writing
Addressed to me
In my mailbox
Just like
I showed you
How long ago?
Are you proud
Of your handiwork
Big man?
Sketch me that

And yes
You can be
Be as brutally honest with me
Did I judge

I tried to protect
The fine china
Little Peep
But then I lost my mind

Truth does that
Has a way
Of forcing itself on you

Trust me
I know

What keeps me from a drink?

So many simple things

Sometimes it is as simple as

March fourth~

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