Praise be to Sister Gratitude for She brings me joy by reminding me of my blessings~

Praise be to Brother Service for He brings help in times of need~

Praise be to Sister Justice for She knows it is Up to the One who is All Merciful~

Praise be to Brother Courage for he brings me strength when fear grips me~

Praise be to Sister Patience for She brings me tolerance by teaching me to pause~

Praise be to Brother Hope and Sister Faith for They restore joy bound together in Trust~

Praise be to Sister Grace and Brother Peace for They are Our Salvation~
Praise be to Sister Wisdom. She guides us all~

Praise to the Almighty for You are Love~

My comfort and
My salvation

Spirit who replenishes me

Guide me
Thank You for today
Thank You for yesterday
Thank You for what will come


Help all those who struggle find rest in Your Loving arms.

Life is hard enough. Don’t make finding God difficult.


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