Open Letter to Pope Francis

From day One I’ve prayed for you.

September 1, 2018

Dearest Friend,

May the peace of Christ be with you and your loved ones. I am writing you to say thank you.

Thank you Frank for changing things. Thank you for standing up for the oppressed. Thank you for being in charge. Thank you for carrying the burden of shame so gracefully.

I have a selfish request. Don’t resign. For me stay. Let us, together, fire every single bishop who stands in the way of truth and solidarity. No questions asked. One question actually…who do you work for?

Me? I work for One thing: Christ Himself. Nobody will pay me for that. So I offer you my skills. I have many, but my greatest achievement has no certificate. Only a token. My token I offer you. I give you my story. All of it. How great is our God? He will See truth reign. How? Through the grace of honesty.

If it is a degree you seek. I have some of those too. One official diploma, with various studies. Some good, some bad. All teach me.

God gave you a skill my friend. One people judged falsely. But I know why you’ve been on that side of town. You, my friend, are the bouncer for a reason, but you need one thing. Me. I, my friend, am a just judge.

Your reform board needs to include survivors. I am a survivor of false teaching in every sense. Review my records. I’m an open book.

You need me on your board. Better yet, in your cabinet. What’s that called? Breaking the rules I hope. Why? Some rules are made to be broken. Just like bread.

We make a good pair :). Thank God!

Please prayerfully consider my offer. I am at your service. I may be blunt, but I will never lie to you. This is my virtue: honesty. How? Only through Grace. They are partners.

Grace will reign through the beauty of truth. Isn’t truthfulness absolutely breathtaking? It will steal your heart. Nothing less will do. Honesty, She wants everything.

Talk to you later my love~

Your faithful friend,

Mrs. Mary C. McWilliams

BSME PSU …project engineer with communications and fluid dynamics specialty, among other thing.

PS Denis he’s a just judge too. Hello friend! One on each continent…get it? Restoration by grace. Pray for healing grace, not justice. Please! Thank you for listening.

Please don’t resign. Let’s fire people. Together. Pure healing grace. That would be beautiful.

That would be beautiful. A panel of just judges. An annual review. What do you think? Ask and I’m yours. Make me an offer Frank. One I can’t refuse. My family thanks you.

I saw the sweetest man in Mass the other day. Sat right next to me. Looked just like you. So cute.


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